Robert A Monroe has been a pioneer in exploring out-of-the- body experiences, and Journeys OUT OF THE BODY, his first book, has become the undisputed. J OU RN E Y S OU T OF T HE BOD Y By Robert A. Monroe. CONTENTS Foreword Introduction 1. Not with a Wand, nor Lightly 2. Search and Research 3. On the. of TMI's first e-book, Gateway to the Human Mind: Going Out of Body and Robert Monroe was a successful and distinguished Journeys Out of the Body.

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Also by Robert A. Monroe. JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY. Far Journeys. ROBERT A. MONROE. MAIN. STREET. BOOKS. DOUBLEDAY New York London . Also by Robert A. Monroe. JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY. FAR JOURNEYS. Ultimate. Journey. Robert A. Monroe. BROADWAY BOOKS / NEW YORK. Robert Monroe - Journeys Out Of The Body Free Online PDF.

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Journeys Out of the Body: With more than , copies sold to date, this is the definitive work on the extraordinary phenomenon of out-of-body experiences, by the founder of the internationally known Monroe Institute. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. The Journeys Trilogy 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Journeys Out of the Body , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Journeys Out of the Body.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 04, Edward Wolfe rated it it was amazing.

This is one of my favorite books. Robert Monroe was a very successful businessman who had no real religious background and no interest in anything mystical or esoteric. When he found himself spontaneously going out of his body, he had no way of understanding what was happening to him and his first assumption was that there was something wrong with his brain. After being assured by his physician that he was in perfect health and not suffering from a brain tumor, he went to see a psychiatrist, beca This is one of my favorite books.

After being assured by his physician that he was in perfect health and not suffering from a brain tumor, he went to see a psychiatrist, because surely he must be losing his mind. The psychiatrist also gave him a clean bill of health and advised him to look into Eastern religions to see what he might find.

There was very little written about the subject at the time Robert began having these experiences and the phrase "out-of-body experience" didn't even exist yet.

Being the logical, scientific person that he was, Robert set out to document what was occurring when it seemed he was exiting his body with the hope of coming to understand as much as he could about this phenomenon.

Over time he wrote three books on his experiences and along the way he invented an audio technology to assist others who wish to have the same experience.

If you have any curiosity about OBEs or astral travel and would like to take a look at the subject matter in a non-new-age way, this is definitely the book to do it with. Robert is clear-headed, logical and reasonable. He makes no claims or assumptions. He does not get flowery and abstract and talk about saving the planet. He's just a regular guy who stumbled into something that few before him had left any information about, so he took it upon himself to research and document and explore.

And in the end, he did what he could to help others who were either experiencing the same thing - or wished to. Jun 04, Dave Zebian rated it it was amazing. This is a must read: And Robert Monroe still exists.. Cause no one dies.. Sending my Best vibes straight to your soul and much gratitude for all your Nobel work here and beyond.. In the light of the same awareness we are one. In the love which unites us..

On the path of light.. Death does not kill love..

Neither destroys consciousness.. Who departed, still alive.. Who stayed, also.. Life is the same everywhere.. Here and there, There and here, are just space limitations.. We are pure, imperishable cons This is a must read: We are pure, imperishable consciousness.

Much light and love to all. Namaste, Dave View 2 comments. A spectacular read. For anyone who has wondered about the realm of spirituality, not in terms of god-belief or religious conviction, but in terms of one's own nature as a being, not a body, this book will fracture some or much of the contemporary delusions about the nature of who we are.

What makes Monroe's presentation so compelling is that he documented his out-of-body experiences over a period of some 14 years and he holds back no punches on those details. And even as one's own mind fights ba A spectacular read. And even as one's own mind fights back against what he says, with incredulity and disbelief, one comes to realize that this is precisely what the mind was designed to do - to protect us, to help us to survive on the physical plane, and its job is and always has been to translate the world around us, into understandable terms on the level of the physical world.

This book also brilliantly provides a workable technique for leaving and returning to one's body.

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In my own case, I have experienced numerous out-of-body experiences throughout my life and Robert Monroe's explanation helped to clarify those experiences in so many lucid ways that I was simply captivated by the book, page after page. If you believe you are not just a body and a mind, and that your existence trandscends just the physical, this book will be very revelatory and helpful. If you harbor some doubts about the nature of who you really are, it will help. And even if you are a dyed in the wool believer of contemporary mediocrity and science, that our existence is explained by Darwinianism, DNA threads, or solely at the hands of some all-powerful god - then this book is going to challenge you and quite likely offend your senses.

But that's ok, because if we, as humanity are to rise to the next higher level of awareness and zeitgeist as a collective, it is high-time that some of the myths are laid to rest and we come to grips about the true nature of our existence.

Aug 26, Iona Stewart rated it it was amazing. I found this to be an extremely informative and enjoyable book which greatly exceeded my expectations.

Monroe was apparently the first to investigate out-of-body experiences in depth and publish his research. It is sometimes brought about by serious illnesses or emotional stress, and sometimes happens during sleep without our knowing what might have caused it.

Very rarely is it brought about by a deliberate attempt. The person then knows that he will survive death. In some instances the description of what was happening at a distant place proves to be correct and more accurate than we would expect by coincidence. He identified three Second State environments. Locale 1 is the Here-Now, which consists of people and places that actually do exist in the material, well-known world at the very moment of the experiment. Visits to Locale 1 generally do not contain strange beings, events, or places.

In this vastness lie all of the aspects we attribute to heaven and hell. In this environment there are no cars, boats or other means of transportation. You think movement, and it occurs. No telephones, radio or other communication aids exist, communication being instantaneous. There are no farms, gardens, etc, since no food energy needs are indicated. Thought is the force that supplies any need or desire.

Like attracts like. Raw emotion is unleashed in full force. There is also Locale III. It is a physical-matter world almost identical to our own, the natural environment being the same.

There are trees, houses, cities, etc. There are homes, families, businesses, etc.

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There are roads travelled by vehicles, and trains. There is no petrol or oil but mechanical power is used. Another strange source of power stored in large vat-like containers is used.

The streets and roads are different, mainly in size. Their cars are much larger, even the smallest having a single bench seat that will hold people abreast. Habits and customs differ from ours. Locale III is not more advanced, perhaps less so. There is no time in our known history where science was at the Locale III stage.

Otherwise he has a chapter about prayer, the Bible and the afterlife. On one occasion when speeding back to his body he rammed into a solid wall of impenetrable material and in panic screamed, sobbed and prayed without effect. Eventually, however, he turned back and this led him back to his body.

Ultimate Journey Robert A. Monroe

So maybe the prayer had worked all the same. If they existed, they must be somewhere in Locale II. The part closest to Here-Now contained beings resembling demons and devils and he felt that this area could be the borders of Hell.

At times when visiting Locale II a distant Signal occurred, almost like heraldic trumpets. Everyone stops whatever he is doing.

It is the Signal that He is coming through His Kingdom. At the Signal each living being lies down on its back, body arched to expose the abdomen, with head turned to one side so that one does not see Him as He passes. The people form a living road on which He can travel. Occasionally He will select someone from this living bridge, and this person is never seen or heard from again.

Your perception is dazzled and overwhelmed by the Perfect Environment. Monroe provides extremely detailed accounts of many of his OBEs. The book contains much, much more valuable information on the subject than I have touched on, including preliminary exercises and advice on how best to exit the body. Monroe is wonderfully articulate.

Few people in this day and age write so well. I highly recommend that you read the book. Have a great read! Jul 26, Marie Silk rated it it was amazing.

I think I discovered this book from a Goodreads ad on my homepage. It wasn't what I was expecting, but in a good way.

The author's journal entries or what he calls "notes" are written as curious, humble and relatable first-hand accounts. He does not present himself as a spiritual guru or sensationalize the stories in any way, but rather describes his experiences as if observing them for a scientific study. I recognize similarities in his accounts and the experiences of Emanuel Swedenborg. I'm I think I discovered this book from a Goodreads ad on my homepage. I'm not sure I can go back into the book and easily find a story that I want to read again, because it's not really organized into categories.

Sometimes it was not chronological either which was a little confusing. Still, I don't know what other book has so much information on this topic presented in a relatable way. I recommend this book for readers who want to know more about the OBE phenomenon and prefer a factual approach without religious interpretation. Gift or Burden?

Round Holes and Square Pegs The Second Body Mind and Supermind Sexuality in the Second State Preliminary Exercises The Separation Process Analysis of Events Statistical Classification In the company officially changed its name, once again, to Interstate Industries, Inc. This reflected Monroe's analogy of how the use of Hemi-Sync serves as a ramp from the "local road" to the "interstate" in allowing people to go "full steam ahead" in the exploration of consciousness, avoiding all of the stops and starts.

The research subsidiary was divested and established as an independent non-profit organization, The Monroe Institute, later in Interstate Industries, Inc. Robert Monroe's leadership of the entire program of development were supported for more than 50 years by many specialists who continue their participation to this day. His daughter, Laurie Monroe, continued her father's research into consciousness and the mind's potential until her death in Honeycutt, and Teresa West, president of Monroe Products, the company's objective is to continue to expand the Hemi-Sync line of products and their benefits into markets worldwide.

The Monroe Institute TMI is a nonprofit education and research organization devoted to the exploration of human consciousness , based in Faber , Virginia , United States. TMI claims a policy of no dogma or bias with respect to belief system , religion , political or social stance.

TMI was founded by Robert Monroe after he started having what he called " out of body experiences ", now also commonly referred to as OBEs. It comprises several buildings on acres 1.

One of its activities includes teaching various techniques, based on audio-guidance processes, in order to expand consciousness and explore areas of consciousness not normally available in the waking state.

In , the U.

Robert A Monroe - Journeys Out Of The Body.pdf

Controlled studies of the Institute's technology suggest that it is effective as an analgesic supplement and can reduce hospital discharge times. Progression through states is detected and monitored by measurement of peripheral skin temperature, galvanic skin response and DC skin potential voltage. In , a front page article in the Wall Street Journal reported confirmation from the former director of the Intelligence and Security Command of the U.

Army sending personnel to the institute. It also stated the opinion of the head [ who? The reporter also concluded that "there is something significant being developed at the Institute. Whether it's just a brilliant guided meditation complete with trance-inducing stereoscopic sound or a doorway to a world of spirit entities, I cannot say".

In , Monroe registered the first of several patents [20] [21] [22] concerning audio techniques designed to stimulate brain functions until the left and right hemispheres became synchronized. Monroe held that this state, dubbed Hemi-Sync hemispherical synchronization , could be used to promote mental well-being or to trigger an altered state of consciousness. Monroe's concept was based on an earlier hypothesis known as binaural beats and has since been expanded upon a commercial basis by the self-help industry.

Hemi-Sync is a trademarked brand name for a patented process [20] [21] [22] used to create audio patterns containing binaural beats , which are commercialized in the form of audio CDs. Interstate Industries Inc. Hemi-Sync is short for Hemispheric Synchronization , also known as brainwave synchronization. Monroe indicated that the technique synchronizes the two hemispheres of one's brain, thereby creating a 'frequency-following response' designed to evoke certain effects.

Hemi-Sync has been used for many purposes, including relaxation and sleep induction , learning and memory aids, helping those with physical and mental difficulties, and reaching altered states of consciousness through the use of sound.

The technique involves using sound waves to entrain brain waves.

Robert A Monroe - Journeys Out Of The Body.pdf

Wearing headphones , Monroe claimed that brains respond by producing a third sound called binaural beats that encouraged various brainwave activity changes. The presentation demonstrated that EEG changes did not occur when the standard electromagnetic headphones of Monroe's setup were replaced by air conduction headphones, which were connected to a remote transducer by rubber tubes.

This suggests that the basis for the entrainment effects is electromagnetic rather than acoustical.I recommend this book for readers who want to know more about the OBE phenomenon and prefer a factual approach without religious interpretation. Second, I wonder if it has and is unknown to the average person. By following his path many lost their fear of death. Far Journeys.

Thought is the force that supplies any need or desire.

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