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Don't have a site? Product details Paperback: Collins; 1 edition 9 July Language: English ISBN Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Ready, Study, Go!: Smart Ways to Learn.

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About Soum Paul. Soum Paul. Books by Soum Paul. Trivia About The Topper Prepar I clicked on the link and entered my roll number, and noticed that while the computer was processing data, my heart and that of my parents was beating much faster. This was judgment day!

I had scored As it turned out, I was one of the highest scorers in the class X board exams, in my school. My mother hugged me in delight. My father said he was proud of me, and I could sense the feelings of affection that emanated from them. My sister was excited and was busy attending telephone calls of my friends and relatives, who were anxious to know my result.

It was one of those moments that I will cherish for the whole of my life. The aim, towards which my entire family was working as a unit, was achieved and their overwhelmed faces were the best reward I could have hoped for. Mapping the future I had already opted for Science as my stream in senior secondary and was attending provisional classes before the class X results.

My IIT-JEE Preparation-by arpit agrawal(iit jee topper)

Embrace Change. True success can be defined by your ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The first round of the exam was a cakewalk and I cleared the same in August last year.

In the second round, I met students from across Haryana, and got to know about the talent that existed beyond my hometown. Jaiprakash Gour Dr. Gaur On Nitin Jain I feel very proud to be a part of faculty.

It remains a memorable experience of a life time to teach Physics to this reticent but very bright boy.

This child is a very special and talented boy, guiding whom was a teachers delight. With respect, punctuality and sincerity of purpose being his hallmark, this boy has gone from success to greater success, creating milestones. I pray to the almighty to show him the right path of life and steer him clear of all obstacles. May he go on to be a Nobel-laureate and do his Alma Mater proud, as no one has ever done so profoundly before.

Which school to join? Whether to join coaching classes for IIT or not? The new school Due to my class X marks, my parents were getting calls from different schools of Faridabad. The authorities there contacted my parents and my father spoke with the principal. However, it turned out that the school transport facility was not available for male students of class XI and XII. My father was not ready to allow me to travel the long distance to school by myself.

I really wanted to go to MVN, and luckily, the authorities after consultation with the governing body allowed me to use the school transport.

The Topper Prepares: True Stories of Those Who Cracked the JEE

I missed the initial few days about 15 days of the school because of my engagement in the NTSE second round, but covered the lost ground quickly with the help of teachers and friends.

I remember an incident wherein I was called by Gaur Sir, my Physics teacher and vice-principal of the school. He asked me why I was not attending school regularly and warned me that I might miss out on important lessons. I assured him that I would be able to cover up for missed classes and told him, sir aap chinta na karo yeh mera kaam hai sir, you may not My IIT-JEE Preparation 43 worry about that it is my responsibility , which was picked up as the headline for a news story.

I believe coaching helps in maintaining regularity and also gives a direction to one's preparation. The learning centre The next question was: which institute to join?

At one stage, because of distance and travelling issues, I thought that I should join any coaching institute in Faridabad, but considering that I needed a competent level of exposure and a real feeling of competition, I realized I would need to go to Delhi. Searching a guide other than the science is meaning carelessness, ignorance and heresy. As expected, I did well in most of them and got good scholarship offers.

The distance to travel for the coaching in South Delhi was also a concern. But that was the farthest institute from my home and my father was adamant that I should not be travelling so far every day.

Although my mother was supportive and wanted me to appear for the VMC exam, father never agreed and the thought was dumped. Initially, I felt a bit sad but have no regrets now. The decision to join the institute had been delayed, and by the time I enrolled there, I had already missed the initial few classes. The institute made my father sign an undertaking that it would not be responsible for my results, as I had missed the initial classes.

Scheduling time My daily schedule was all set by the end of June. I used to attend school from Mondays to Fridays, and go for coaching classes on Saturdays and Sundays. The transport problem was solved with a convenient car pool.

A couple of my friends and I hired a cab that used to take us to the coaching institute. On weekends, my day would start at eight in the morning, and end late in the evening. My three-level Learning Strategy My learning process was based on a simple three-level procedure: i The first level of learning was through self-study.

I used to read the chapters on my own before it was taught in the class. Hence, before the lessons were taught in the school, I would have read them all and already knew the basic concepts and was ready for the next level of understanding in the class. I think self-study helps one in learning at one's own pace and prepares one for questions in the class.

Moreover, the classroom teaching helped in reinforcing the basic concepts that I had learned.

While at the first two levels the focus was on understanding the basic concepts, in the coaching institute the focus was on going into the depths of the concept and to develop the problem-solving ability. Coaching helped me in mastering a higher level of application of concepts. I believe that school is necessary in preparation for IIT-JEE because at home you are distracted by various things around you and cannot concentrate on studies.

I would go to school even when the attendance was very thin in class and most of the students were preparing at home for their competitive exams. The only difference is that in board exams the focus is on concepts, whereas in competitive exams the focus is on application of the concepts to real-life situations.


The crucial factor for success in both, board exams and competitive exams, is thorough understanding of basic concepts. I try to correlate the learnings of my subjects with day-to-day life and practical examples.

After learning a new concept, I ask myself the following questions: What is the concept all about, and what is its significance?

What are the exceptions to this concept? When, where and how to apply this concept? Saxena Mr. When he was in class XI, I observed in the very beginning that his ability to understand the topic was very high.

He always did his home work in time, while many others were not able to do so. He often pointed out those problem whose answer is given wrong in the books. Many a times he told me, Sir please check the answer in this book, my answer is different. When on checking, I would find that Nitins answer is correct.

Many times during the objective examinations, he told me Sir no correct option is given in the question paper. I used to tell him, if you are confident that your answer is correct then work the answer with an extra option e. At the time of evaluation, I would find that his option was correct.

He was always ready for any examination and he never required time for preparation. While other students always demanded some more time. By Sushil Kr. Read, Read and Read I read a lot of books, of all genres.

I was a regular visitor at my school library and would read anything, be it a comic book, a fiction novel, or a science journal. Regular reading not only improved my concentration and grasping power, but also helped me know about the larger world that I had never been exposed to.

It is through books that I got to experience people, objects, places, cultures, events If I have travelled so far, books have been my medium. Books changed my perspective of the universe. Consistency and me During my entire course of preparation, I maintained regularity in my studies. On an average, I used to study hours daily. On a normal day, I would follow my old study routine, which was developed during my childhood by my mother.

After coming back from school, I used to have lunch and settle for a short nap, following which I would sit down to study for about hours. I remember that my parents would not even attend to a phone call during my study hours. If any of our relatives would call at that time, my parents would ask them to call after I was through with studies. Today, I understand the significance of those two hours and know how they have changed my life.

In the beginning of class 11th after one of the lectures on gaseous state he came out with a very thought provoking question. It was not a numerical from a book or a package but a basic doubt which showed how deeply he thought. He used to listen attentively and his eyes and face reflected that thinking and processing was going on in his mind.

Just as he was not very vocal, he had used minimum words while answering-brief, to the point but perfect. His approach to solving certain questions was sometimes very unique.

I was a bit apprehensive about how he would perform in the selection test of IITs which is very tough by any standard. The other students got an extra week time to prepare for JEE, while he was in Indonesia. He gave the exam and topped.

How to start your JEE Main & Advanced 2019 / 2020 Preparation?

In the class he was very polite, very humble with no attitude whatsoever. He never asked questions in the middle of a lecture. He used to come out at the end of the class and clear the doubts patiently. I used to find this time alone healing in a way, as spending time alone with yourself helps you to understand yourself better and creates a bond within you and with your inner self.

After dinner, I used to study for two hours and then call it a day.I was looking at a much higher score than an expected topper, which was a sign that the future would most likely see me as the winner. Many a times he told me, Sir please check the answer in this book, my answer is different.

Santosh Mathew rated it liked it Nov 18, Human Drama Inc. I have always enjoyed studying.

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Learn as if you were to live forever. I believe coaching helps in maintaining regularity and also gives a direction to one's preparation. When he was in class XI, I observed in the very beginning that his ability to understand the topic was very high.

If any of our relatives would call at that time, my parents would ask them to call after I was through with studies. I used to tell him, if you are confident that your answer is correct then work the answer with an extra option e.

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