PDF | On Jan 1, , Ngwako S. and others published Current approaches to Alectra vogelii control in cowpea. PDF | Alectra vogelii (benth) is parasitic weed which causes significant yield reductions in cowpea (Vigna unguiculataWalp) in Africa. Alectra vogelii(benth) is parasitic weed which causes significant yield Alectra vogelii in cowpea and estimate the heritability of the trait.

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Alectra vogelii has been the major constraint known to attack leguminous species especially to cowpea production. Identification of genetic variation of volwarmdilanmi.gqi. Alectra vogelii (yellow witchweed); foliage and flowers. .. and Environmental Science, 7(6) Methodology: To assess the germination and attachment of A. vogelii seeds, three Keywords: Alectra vogelii Benth; integrated weed management program; .

Phenols Table 6. Absorption peak areas of FT-IR spectra recorded for sorghum root extract Source of root Experimental Functional class Possible peak assignments and extract frequency cm-1 intensity Sorghum Nyanda, CBC2 and PAN of amines, alcohols, phenols, carboxylic groups, had the highest same number of peaks 8 whilst alkenes and alkynes Table 8.

Pearl Millet had the lowest number As presented in Table 8, Pearl Millet had the of peaks 5 which was different from all the other lowest number of peaks recorded 5 at crop varieties. This is in line with results that wavelength values of The peak Absorption peak areas of FT-IR spectra recorded for pearl millet root extract Source of root Experimental Functional class Possible peak assignments and extract Frequency cm-1 intensity Pearl millet Perhaps then Alectrol could be a reflection of componential differences.

The fact ketone or aldehyde which from this study was that there was variation among the number of only confirmed in the legume varieties. However peaks from the results of this study ultimately the work of Zwanenburg and Pospisil [11] meant variation within the functional groups also disputed the claims made earlier on by Muller et existed.

Alonge Samson; Alabi Kehinde

The major similarity and difference among the According to Mariswamy [16] knowing the functional groups identified from the crop root functional groups presented in a sample is very samples could be the presence of alcohols, useful for the proper identification of the active phenols, carboxylic acids which were confirmed compounds and therefore the identified in all the crop varieties under study whereas functional groups for the different crop root ketones and aldehydes were only present in the powder samples used in this study can be used legumes only with none confirmed in the cereal to identify and characterize the strigolactones, varieties.

To date, Alectrol has not been germination stimulants and haustorium initiating identified in any of the cereal varieties under factors that the analysed crops produce. American compounds represented by the various functional Journal of Botany. Some of the L. Asian Journal of standards, limited literature and other resources, Agriculture and Rural Development.

Screening legumes for integrated management of witchweeds Alectra In light of the results obtained in this study, there vogelii and Striga asiatica in Malawi.

It might be of interest to 5. Akiyama 6. Effect of deoxystrigol and orobanchol are more active in herbicides seeds treatment on the reaction inducing AMF hyphal branching than others, of groundnut Arachis hypogaea L. Hence with the Alectra vogelii Benth. IDOS Publications. Agrios GN.

Plant pathology, 4 ed. Academic Press, San Diego; Control of Groundnut and pearl millet genotypes caused germination in Striga asiatica: Chemistry of effective suicidal germination of A. Plant Physiology; Mwakabobo AS, Zwanenburg B. Therefore they can be used as trap Strigolactone analogs derived from crops in Integrated Weed Management Program ketones using a working model for in A.

Maize and sorghum germination stimulants as a blueprint. Plant did not effectively support germination or Cell Physiology.

Use of High Performance Liquid Dube MP, Olivier A. Striga gesnerioides Chromatography HPLC and mass spectrometry and its host, cowpea: Interaction and to identify and quantify the strigolactones in each methods of control. Can J Bot. Plant Disease. Authors have declared that no competing Haustoria interests exist.

Invasive Species Compendium

Initiation and Differentiation; Transcriptomic profiling of Bacillus 1. Ngwako S, Mashungwa GN. Current amyloliquefaciens FZB42 in response to approaches to Alectra vogelii control in maize root exudates.

BMC Microbiology; cowpea. International Journal of tropical Agriculture and Food Systems.

Ex Schult. Asian Journal Bouwmeester HJ.

Cowpea reactions to Alectra vogelii II: effect on yield and nutrient composition

The strigolactone Pre-attachment Striga parasitic Striga and Orobanche spp. New Phytologist.

A time ;— Germination of parasitic angiosperm Striga asiatica on stimulation of Striga gesnerioides seeds susceptible sorghum roots. Annals of from tobacco plantations by host and non- Applied Biology. Journal of Applied Biosciences. Han Z. The composition of root exudates Determination of and their effects on the growth of soil- levels of Striga germination stimulants for borne pathogen.

International Journal of maize gene bank accessions and elite Biological Science. International Journal of Plant G, Butler LG. Isolation of strigol, a Journal of Agricultural exudates and compounds present in stems Food Chemistry. Parker C, Riches CR.

Parasitic weeds of by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Science the world, biology and control. CAB Gov; International, Wallingford, UK; Germination stimulant from root parasitic plant Alectra vogelii Benth. Plant Journal of Applied Biosciences.

Growth Regulator. Plant-plant Germination stimulants produced by Vigna communications; rhizosphere signaling unguiculata Walp cv Saunders upright. Akiyama K, Hayashi H. Strigolactones: JM.

Root exudation and rhizosphere Chemical signals for fungal symbionts and biology. Plant Physiology. Annals of Keywords: Vigna unguiculata ; yellow witchweed ; parasitic weeds ; grain and fodder yields ; yield components.

Crop Protection In: Fatokun, C. Tarawali, B. Singh, P. Komawa, and M. Tamo editors Challenges and opportunities for enhancing sustainable cowpea production. International Journal of Pest Management Walp I. Some aspects on reproductionof cowpea.

Zimbabwe Journal of Agricultural Research 21 2 : Experimental Agriculture Tamo Editors Challenges and opportunities for enhancing sustainable cowpea production.Lagoke et al. Mugabe, N. IPM Programmes Integrated control should be built around the use of resistant crop cultivars if possible, or choice of the least susceptible cultivar that is currently available.

Alonge, S. Rossiello, R.

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