Few Things Left Unsaid was your promise of love fulfilled? Sudeep Nagarkar. An IBD Release - Secret Desi Community for E-Book releases. SKYPE. few things left unsaid pdf download free. Few Things Left Unsaid Pdf Download Free. 41 Reads 1 Vote 1 Part Story. tradrighwelvie By tradrighwelvie Ongoing. Aditya is a confused soul. He is unclear about his ambitions or goals in life. He hates engineering from the core of his heart, but destiny has other plans for him.

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Few Things Left Unsaid - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. love story novel. Read "Few Things Left Unsaid" by Sudeep Nagarkar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Aditya is a. Book List Of Sudeep Nagarkar: Few Things Left Unsaid. Love Stories To Free Download Sorry You Are Not My Type Novel Pdf You Were My Crush, Books.

Few Things Left Unsaid

The next day we came to know that the person who had hit me was called Rishi. He was the son of some local minister near the college.

We did not care. We had arranged for a group of boys to hit him back. Riya was unaware of this. I kept her away from this. I did not want her to get into trouble. We waited outside the college gate for him to come.

After some time we saw him coming. As he knew me I went away from the group. Sameer called him and asked him what had happened the previous day in college.

He did not say anything regarding me. I went near them. He saw me and remembered. I do not care who you are. Dare you look at Riya again and ask about her I will kill you. Sameer came forward and slapped him. He also counter attacked us. But we were in a group of 8. He was alone.

We hit him badly. He fell down on the road. We were still hitting him. Sameer stopped everyone. He was just showing off in front of first year students.

This made us feel proud. I did not utter a word about this to Riya. She kept on calling me when I was outside the college. I said my phone was on silent and apologised. Riya was still worried about that incident. She smiled and we went for practicals. I gave her a naughty smile as we reached the Practical hall. College function was about to begin in 2days. We were all excited. I was happy, as there would be no lectures most of the time.

Riya and I decided to attend on a few days like those on which there were traditional functions and the sari day. For the rest of the time we would spend some time together hanging out somewhere. We were all supposed to wear anything in black. I told Riya that black really blathered her complexion. She should wear something different.

I want my jaan to look the best. She said she would shock me by her looks. I was eagerly waiting for her near the college gate.

I called her and she was on the way to the college. As she approached me, I was stunned. She was wearing a gorgeous dress with a high neck. It was short, barely up to knees. She was looking an absolute beauty. We went into the college and met everyone. They had decided to go to the restaur- ant. We moved away from the college and went to a restaurant. We had pavbhaaji as usual.

It was the time to enjoy and have fun. Each day had something in it. The saree day came next. It also included competition to choose Miss Fresher. The girl who got the maximum roses would be Miss Fresher. Riya was looking absolutely gorgeous in her blue saree. And her blouse was back less. I loved it.

We did not wait in college. I wanted to spend time alone with her. We went to Grant Lane,Vashi. Love you too. We spent some time in Grant Lane and came back to college. When I reached college I saw that Sameer was giving a rose to some girl and she rejected it. He tried hard to convince her. I felt sad for Sameer. The day for which we had waited for a long time. The annual day. The last day of celebrations. We had a fashion show, dances and dj night too.

There was a competition of eating chillies on stage. Maximum chillies. Everyone was forcing me to participate. I was going crazy. Everyone was forcing me a lot. I agreed to participate. I went on the stage. There was another boy with me. The anchor announced. The two of you have to eat as many chillies as possible in 1 minute. The one who wins will get rs. Your time start now. I started eating. I was getting the burning sensation. What the fuck. I wanted to quit. I wanted to use the washroom.

I could not handle the pressure. The match was over. I lost. There was no chance for me to win. My mouth was burning. I drank a full bottle of water and went to the washroom. Releasing a pressure when you need it most is really awesome.

I felt relaxed. I am screwed. I can feel what you are going through. I am loving it. I was not able to laugh. The feel of burning from both ends was really sucking my heart out. But it was fun. We really enjoyed the day. Riya was with me. My friends were with me. We had lots of fun. Today I felt I was complete.

I had Good friends, my love, college life which everyone wants and mo- ments that everyone wants in his or her life. Since they were in different sections, they did not interact much though. During the function, they got in touch when they came to know that they were in same branch. Riya told me, they were good friends during school days, then Neha shifted to Hyderabad for 2 years, and now she was back in Mumbai in same college.

Once when we were walking near the bus depot we saw her. Riya called her and introduced us. We are from same division and we both love each other very much. And the day I will regret I will call you and tell you that you were right.

Riya looked at me through corner of her eye. I said sorry to her. We all laughed. What about your relationship with Amit. I thought you must have erased it from your memory. How can I. He used to love you so much. How is he now?

Does he look the same? I am waiting for him. He is coming in 5 minutes. He used to love Neha during school days and their relation began after school but as Neha moved to Hyderabad, they lost touch. Now they were both together.

True love I thought. After living separately for 2 years, they are together now. I admired him. He was too far.

We could see him clearly. As he came close, I observed him carefully. He was tall. Taller than me. Maybe 5. He was dark. Muscled body.

A very odd shirt though. Pink color. Pink on dark skin looked funny. I thought he looked a gay. He was wearing shades on his eyes. Black colour again. Low waist jeans that was torn. Shoes looked like Nike I suppose. He had a good built and height. My Amit. Oh my God.

Where were you for so many years? After a long time I am seeing you. What did he mean by where were you for so many years. My heart was shouting at him. She is mine. Can you listen, Oh gay, she is mine. Why are you observing her. You have changed a lot. When I saw you last time some 3 years back you were so thin. You have put on weight. Nice muscles. I felt insecure as I did not have any.


Do muscles mean everything? Why does any one need muscles? If you are smart looking, intelligent and have power in your rod, Why should you need muscles. Moreover if you can understand what your girl wants from you why need muscles? My heart shouted again. Hey all of you. Even I am here. Can you all see me? This is Aadi My everything.

I love him beyond limits. I said an awkward hi to him. His reaction was no different. It was the same as mine.

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Maybe he was thinking why Riya loved me. I wanted to tell him because I was not gay like him wearing pink t-shirts all over. However, I did not speak. Preferred not to talk to gays. What was happening to me? Why I was getting so frustrated? I told myself to calm down. Riya was mine.

Maybe I felt insecure as she had appreciated someone in front of me. But somewhere I thought she said I am her jaan. I felt better. We are going to have something in the restaurant. Do you want to join? I looked at Riya in anger.

Why do you want the two of them? Let them go their way. We will go by our way. I want privacy. I do not want your stupid conversation with both of them. I was looking like a stranger to the three of them.

All school friends reunited. I hated it the most. We will join you. Who is going to the pay bill. I will not pay a single penny.

Let Amit pay it. He wanted to join us. What the hell? Riya looked at me. She knew what I was thinking. She gave me sweet smile. She also did not want them to come. However, fools will be fools. Who can change them? We ordered some snacks. He is health conscious. Oh really, so what can we do. Keep your Amit in your showcase as a showpiece. I purposely called the waiter.

I like oily food. Riya pinched my hand under the table. I looked at her and gave a smile. She knew what I was trying to show. They were chatting about school days. I was quiet. What was I supposed to say. I was irritated. I was losing control. Riya was stopping me all the time. She made me calm down. My Amit, my Amit and my Amit. I thought he was her pussycat or some pet. We left after some time. Why did they have to join us? She just had one answer always. A KISS.

She kissed me on the road. Small kiss. But it was enough for me to calm down. But I hate him. Riya and I had decided to spend the entire day to- gether.

It was my 1st birthday with her. We had decided to go to Grant Lane. We met each other by 11am at Aerol Depot. We went by bus.

She had two surprises for me. I was excited, I wanted this day to be special. As the Bus left Aerol Depot, she gave me a white rose. Such a sweet moment it was. I was really touched by this moment. Such a special way to express her love… As 15 minutes passed she was again taking out something from her bag.

I watcher her carefully. She was looking at me and smiling. How many gifts have you brought? She told me to open it and as I opened them, this time there was a dark pink rose. This was more touching. She was really making my day beautiful. Thank you for whatever you did for me.

Whatever you are doing for me and for being with me. Something, which was unbelievable. A dream. I kissed her on her cheeks. We reached Grant Lane. As we sat in the Auto, she again put her hands in the bag. Now what? Is this a dream? Now what is it? She removed it from bag. It was a lavender colour rose. This was a dream for sure. Third rose, in the last 40 min.

Why did she love me so much? When did you do all this planning? I will make it special. I loved you from the day I first saw you.

From the day, our eyes met when I entered the classroom. I started loving you from that day. I wanted you to be mine from that moment itself. Love you. I would have cried now. I just could not believe my eyes. I just walked close to her. We hugged each other so tightly that every one passing by looked at us.

This time I knew the meaning of the yellow rose. It means she cared for me. She did care for me. A lot.

This was the best hug she gave me till now. We entered the garden. We sat on a bench. I was just looking into her eyes. They looked special today. I wanted to forget each small fight I had with her. I wanted to forget all those times I had doubted her. I kissed her. For the first time while kissing her, I closed my eyes. This time she did not close her eyes.

As I opened my eyes, I saw a red rose on my bag, which was kept beside me. She said I love you a lot. I love you more than anyone can. There may be many girls who will love you in future. However, trust me you will never get a girl who can do all these things for you. And I am not doing these to show you that I am the best but I am doing this because you are the best.

You are the best possible thing that happened in my life. My love is increasing day by day. However, I want to be with you for 24hours. From the time you wake up until the time you sleep. I grabbed her. I squeezed her. She shouted. She loved it. It was wild. But she made it wild.. She was mine. She was just mine. No one could have her in their life now. We were both lost in our world. I went to order some food. I ordered veg chilly and told him to bring it to the garden. I walked towards the bench.

As I reached the bench, I saw she had kept a cake on the bench with a candle on it. She stood up and came close to me. She gave me the warmest hug. Each moment was special. We sat and I cut my birthday cake.

I forcingly put the 1st piece into her mouth. She was not able to speak. She did the same with me. It was a small cake. We shared it.

After eating the cake and veg chilly I slept with my head on her lap. I was looking into her eyes and she was weeping. I could not stop my tears. I saw the time. It was 4pm. We had slept for almost 2 hours. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Return to Book Page. The bestselling novel in a brand new jacket Aditya is a confused soul. He is unclear about his ambitions or goals in life. He hates engineering from the core of his heart, but destiny has other plans for him as he ends up in an engineering college despite his wishes. Adityas search for true love comes to a halt when he runs into Riya, a fellow college student. Just when thi The bestselling novel in a brand new jacket Aditya is a confused soul.

Just when things are going great between the two, an unexpected tragedy strikes. Will their love be able to fight against the odds? An uplifting story about finding and losing love, Few Things Left Unsaid is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Get A Copy. Paperback , New edition with new jacket , pages. Published May by Random House India first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Few Things Left Unsaid , please sign up.

Lakshmi Damn true I too noticed that it really sucksss.. I need the book to read online, where I can find it? Bharath K https: See all 3 questions about Few Things Left Unsaid…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 10, Pooja Jeevagan rated it did not like it Shelves: The guy might have written better book considering he is still finding publishers and coming up with about a book a year at least writing stuff like this would be be an over-week if not overnight job but well, I couldn't brave myself to pick up any more of him!

I am sure it requires more effort from the readers to read it, than the writer took to write it!!! Is there a way to negatively rate a book!!! View all 3 comments. Apr 29, Rohit Sharma rated it it was ok.

Sudeep Nagarkar. It is the story of Aditya, who does not know what he wants in his life. He hates engineering, but ends up taking admission in an engineering college, just because his parents want him to be an engineer. His search for his perfect girl ends when he meets Riya, a beautiful girl, and one of his classmates. One fine day, he proposes to her, to which she agrees. They bunk classes, go on multiple dates, enjoy their newly found love, and their bonding strengthens.

But few mistakes can happen As a reader, you tend to feel sorry for Aditya. The climax, though predictable, is well written, and there is no ending. In fact, Sudeep Nagarkar has left the scope for the sequel. So, the readers who have loved this book, this is good news for you. I am sure; the sequel will be out soon. Few moments, in the love story of Riya and Aditya, are sweet and adorable. They will not feel disappointed. Now the negatives Very very poorly written and edited book.

There are innumerable grammatical and spelling mistakes. The story, itself, offers nothing new. The same love-breakup-heartache college story, with repetitive scenes and cheesy dialogues my Bachcha, my Bachchu, my Jaan The descriptions are poor as well. Just by saying over and over again, that she was looking beautiful, will not make the character beautiful. The ragging scene in which Aditya French-kisses his class-mate Nikita , is indigestible and totally unnecessary. First of all, Nikita raises no objection, in French-kissing a stranger Aditya , and secondly, such kind of ragging does not happen in college campuses anything can happen in hostels, but in campuses???!!!

I doubt!! In a nut shell, after reading the story, I realized that the author had very few things to convey. The entire story could have been conveyed in less than pages. The scenes are repetitive, and the reader tends to feel bored. The story offers nothing new, for the readers of good books. A National Best Seller View all 8 comments. Feb 18, Bewarely rated it did not like it. It was too boring. Every time he Aditya sees her, he thinks of her dress, how transparent it is, like that And the author was portraying romance unnecessarily.

Except bad,worse I don't have any other better words.

Seriously waste! What to write a review about this book?? I don't recommend it to anyone who has read "I too had a love story". And it cannot be compared with "I too had a love story" I can confirm that every novel that is labelled as 'romance' or 'India's best seller' is a utter crap.

This is no exception. I don't know why but Indian books made me feel insecure and scarred. Not because of the writing or themes but because of the immature characters in the books. I feel them so shallow. They do all the stupid things and they have a strong conviction that they are doing it right.

But the irony is most of people I know in real life are 97 I wonder what motivates Indian writers. But the irony is most of people I know in real life are like that. They do behave and act like the characters in 'Best sellers of India'. It is the society I live in. I may relate to them. I may empathize with them but once I stop reading for a minute I feel that I am reading some crap.

Needlessly say, this is crap. But I can understand that most of the Indian youth may relate to it. The book starts with questions like Love or Lust? We decided to go to a restaurant near our college. I wanted to tell her few things. We ordered some snacks. Sweet kachori was her favourite. She ordered the same. But I never loved anyone. Maybe I never found anyone who could be perfect for me. Actually, it was during my junior college days. I do not know what it was.

Was it love or something else? But when we had a break up it did hurt me for a few days. Or still…. My friends were supportive. They helped me a lot. Did she love me? Did she really say it or I imagined she had? I got con- fused. I wanted to ask her what she meant. However, what would she think? Would she be ok with it? These thoughts were running through my mind. Finally, I asked her. What did you mean? You are with me means what? What did you think?

Are you sure you meant that? Am sure. I just gave a chance to myself. I tried to break the boundaries. If you want to support me then you will have to take care of me like a small kid.

What say? Am not your wife. You can take care of me. And wow, that is a good word. From now onwards I will call you my wife. I was sure she liked me. I continued flirting with her. In addition, you have to take care of me. Like a small kid. Like your sweet bachha. Is it fine? We left for our respective homes and had the best time till date.

She even messaged me that it was the best time she ever had. That satisfied me. That made me love her more. Before sleeping I sent her a long sms… Hey dear, oooopss sory, my dear wife, This was the best day I have ever had in my life. Talking to you makes me complete. Being with you makes me comfortable.

Looking into your eyes makes me ener- getic. I do not know how you are feeling. However, I am still missing my sweet kachori. My dearest friend. Thanks a lot. Miss you, my wife. Take care. See you tomorrow. There was an immediate reply. My husband. It really gave me the feeling that someone really cared for me.

Someone loved me a lot. Showed me much affection and love. I was overjoyed. But why the hell did she have to write the next part. Girls will be girls. They will never show what is going on in their mind. However, they do not know we boys are much smarter than they are. I knew she loved me. We were getting closer to each other. She never revealed though that she loved me. I used to give her hints by saying some things that said I love her.

No reactions from her side though. She loved it. We started bunking lectures as submissions were getting closer, many write-ups were pending. Swapnil Anup, and Riya helped me a lot in writing experiments as we were lagging behind in each write-up. Once we were sitting in the hall.

I was talking on mobile and Riya was writing my experiment. The sheet she was writing on fell. And she bent to pick it up. She was wearing a red top and light blue jeans that revealed her shape to maximum. As she bent down her top moved upwards revealing her back. It was just too sexy. My eyes rolled over it. I wanted to touch it. I purposely stood back and watched it. Her back was still slightly visible. I wanted to feel it.

I wanted to move my finger over it. I wanted her on bed right there. However, she would not have agreed and nor was there a bed. I went close to her from behind. I could feel the fragrance of her body.

Few Things Left Unsaid - Sudeep Nagarkar

I could feel the warmth of her body. I wanted to kiss her neck. I went too close. I wanted her. But I wanted it to be special. She was my love. I wanted to spend my entire life with her. I wanted her to be my wife. I wanted her to take care of me. She looked at me. She was surprised to see me so close to her. I whispered in her ears almost kissing them. Before she could adjust it, I touched her top and adjusted it. This was the first time I touched her.

My heart was beating at abnormal speed. She blushed but did not say any- thing, as we were not alone. Her blush made me crazy.

She was the perfect one. I started loving her too much. She was too good for me. Practical began at 2pm. Applied mechanics. It was held in a small classroom. I sat with Riya. Thakur sir explained to us something about trusses. I was not interested in trusses. I was interested in shapes and curves. I was sitting beside my love. My wife. I asked her. Do you remember? We are in a practical. It gave me a feeling that she loved me more than I did.

I really wished she did. As if, you are learning something productive or as if, you have interest in learning those mechanics. Bull shit they are. Why to worry. I will teach you. What do you want to ask. We are just friends. Concentrate on mechanics. Maybe she was afraid of accepting that she loved me. I wanted to find the reason. However, I could not. I always wanted to tell her how much I admired her.

I always want to tell her whenever she would be upset I would hold her tight.

I always wanted to hang out with her. Play with her hair.

Few Things Left Unsaid - Sudeep Nagarkar

Pick her up, tickle her and wrestle with her. Hold her hand and run. Just hold her hand and kiss her. Give her piggyback rides, Push her on swings. Tell her she looked beautiful. When she was sad, I wanted to stay on the phone with her, even if she was not saying anything.

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I wanted to look into her eyes and smile. Kiss her on her forehead. I wanted to kiss her in the rain. I wanted to tell her all these things.

We started appreciating each other in every possible way we could. She used to appreciate my dressing if I looked nice. I used to do the same. I always used to tell her that she looked beautiful in red and black.

She use to wear those colours often. She liked blue and black on me. Even green sometimes. These were sweet moments that we shared along. Sameer, Swapnil, Anup had taken a back. Its not that I avoided them. However, Riya and I were always in our dream world. Talking about marriage, teasing each other. She never took it seriously. I always did.

But never told her. All my friends started teasing us. They used to call us made for each other couple. It was never serious from their side either. I was living the best days of my life.

The days, which would be remembered for a long time. We decided to bunk college and just hang out in the canteen. Actually we were not in a mood to sit for lectures. Sameer also joined us.

We ordered cold drinks and snacks. Riya was looking very beautiful that day in orange and yellow salwaar kameez.. It Looked beautiful on her. She looked like a perfect wife. Are you crazy to play games in the canteen? We all looked at each other and agreed to play.

Sameer started telling us the rules of the game. Who ever gets truth would confess something about his life in his style. Moreover, who ever gets dare would have to write all assignments and experiments of his wish. Not only his assignments but for all of us. It seemed interesting to me. I had already decided what I was going to do if it was truth to me. I wished it was not dare. It would have been a tough week, writing all assignments. Sameer did it.

Round and round. I wished it was me. I wanted to do something different. I was listening to fm also at the same time. And I had decided whichever song it would play I would dedicate it to Riya. The bottle stopped at Sameer. We all decided to give him dare so that he would write all the assign- ments for us. Majority of electronics made civil suffer. He agreed. Infact he had to agree. It was his rule.

The next time bottle stopped at Riya. I gave her truth. Now it was her turn to confess. I was waiting for her to say something that could take our relation to next level. Still let me tell you something. I am originally from Borivli. Western Mumbai. I did my schooling there. It was difficult for me to settle here in Aerol. It was a different life there. I had to change my way of dressing here. I also have a younger brother named Ameya.

I call him bachha, he is my life. My parents tell me that I have to look after his education later on. Moreover, I am very possessive about Shah Rukh Khan. I love him a lot. If any one says anything about him it makes me crazy. We applauded her. I really started respecting her more. Not because she loved Shah Rukh Khan but because she loved her brother so much. She was perfect.

She was my wife. This time the bottle stopped at me. Swapnil gave me truth. I had decided what I would do. I just put my earphones on.

I had nokia mobile. I switched on the radio. Searched for all channels for a nice song. And I got the song, which could be dedicated to her.

Specially for Riya I started singing the song… Lagta hai yeh kyu mujhe…. Lagta hai yeh kyu mujhe…. Mujpe tu kar ehsaan…. She had the best smile ever. You are my best friend. I wanted her to realise how much I loved her.

I needed a shoulder to lean on, for listening patiently to my personal problems. I wanted her to realise she was the only girl who excited and thrilled me.

When I was with her, I felt like I was out of control! When I was with her, I felt no fear, not even one. I admit that I have fallen for her.

I think she loves you too. I was observing her reaction when you were singing a song. However, I am not sure. Lets see. Riya was blushing all the time. This was the first time I saw her blush so much.

If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday, with the warmth of her lips on my cheeks, the touch of her fingers on my skin, and the feel of her heart beating with mine I was deeply in love. This feeling never came with anyone.

Few Things Left Unsaid - Sudeep Nagarkar

The prelim exams started. The first paper was Applied chemistry. I was unaware of syllabus also. Riya's roll no was 33 and mine was She got a seat in front of me. There were four students in each row. The proffesor started distributing papers.

I requested Riya to show me whatever she was writing. I just wanted to write something on the answer paper. I was looking at the question paper. There were five questions of 10 marks each. I was seeing the questions for the first time. I was not surprised. I had never studied earlier.

Riya started writing. I was constantly whispering in her ears to show me. After writing one page, she passed on the paper to me. I started copying whatever she had written. She had answered two questions. I gave her paper back after sometime. The proffessor never noticed these things. I just checked whatever I had written.

I did not understand anything. I just left. Everyone started smiling as I was leaving in about 20 to 25 minutes. I lit a cigarette and was thinking about Riya.

We had known each other only for a couple of weeks and she already had me completely and totally to herself. I thought that if I could keep myself busy, I would be okay, but I can't forget and I'm not okay. I am so overwhelmed by my feelings for her. I need to hear her voice always. I need to feel her touch always.

I was madly in love with her. I wanted to tell her that she was everything to me. She was the one for me. I just could not imagine her with anyone else. I was becoming possessive. However, did she think in the same way? What if she loved someone else? But what if she was lying. No, she would not lie; I could see the love in her eyes for me. I could feel her love towards me. But was it true love? What was it? I had to know everything.

I could not wait like this. What if she rejected me? All thoughts were running in my mind. I left the tapri and started moving towards college. I wanted to shout all the way. I love you Riya. Playing games on my pc. I logged on gmail chat.

Riya was online. Riya: nothing special was just checking mails. ME: important mails? Riya: no yaar, just casual ones. How was her day? Riya: what wife re, I am not your wife. ME: you are my wife. Riya: tell me one thing seriously, will you? ME: carry on. I will try Riya: do you just joke or are you serious? Riya: ya exactly. ME: what you think? Am I joking or am I serious? Riya: I think you are joking. Seems so. ME: shall I tell you frankly? Riya: Yes, I want to know what is in your mind.

ME: ok listen, I am serious. You are my wife. Riya: kidding? ME: no, I am very much serious. Riya: I do not think so, any ways bye. I have to leave. ME: now what is this?

Riya: I have to leave. Sorry my husband. It made me very angry. Why did she always avoid this topic? Why do these girls like to irritate us. Why could they not be straightforward? I took my cell and sent her a text. Dear, I am serious and I will tell what I want to say in front of everyone.I am enjoying my life. On another occasion, Aditya tried to call Sameer, but it depicted as if Sameer was in person, standing there.

It happened in a fraction of a second and they ran away. What was happening to me? He never came with us outside the college. As if, she was not interested in it. However, I could not. No smoking. It means she cared for me.

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