An easy Hindi self-instructor, this book has been written in such a way that anyone could easily learn Hindi through the medium of English. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Learn Tamil Through English / Hindi volwarmdilanmi.gq INDEX Four Test Papers vii Lesson 1 tamil book. Learn Hindi through English Medium - Course Level I. LESSON 1. pahLaa paa#. THE HINDI ALPHABET. Hind& Vowels: A Aa } }| q Q / ] ]e Aae AaE A> A.

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that, it. RITET. LEARN. HINDI. THROUGH. ENGLISH. Fara - ear. - notebook att - chairs - clock, watch et - no, not * -nose -. RA* - book am - strength oft -. Learn Hindi Through English - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Learn Hindi Through English. Learn Hindi Through English PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. hindi.

Also I do not understand why on earth one should be able to learn a language in thirty days? What is the hurry? Based on my quarter century of teaching career, I should honestly say that one cannot fully learn Hindi or, for that matter, any language within a month. I have been learning Hindi for well over fifty years and there are still miles to go.

Hence I thought that there should be a better book, a two-in-one book, which, without making any tall claim, would enable the reader to acquire step by step a solid knowledge of Hindi through model sentences and also get acquainted with Hindi grammar in full, without much stress and strain. There are no short cuts to knowledge. At the same time, some kind of promise by the author is essential so that the reader will confidently go through the lessons with optimism. In other words, through Sura's Lear Hindi Through English, one can gain a considerable knowledge of Hindi in 50 days, neither more nor less, because this book consists of exactly 50 lessons.

Of course, it is assumed that the reader will devote one full hour daily repeat daily to learn each lesson. Of course, it is assumed that the reader will devote one full hour daily repeat daily to learn each lesson. It will not serve any purpose if one practises these lessons by fits and starts, off and on.

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There should be consistency and regularity during the initial stages of learning a language. This book is a boon to readers who are serious about their aim and consistent in their approach.

Needless to say that before taking up the first lesson, one will have to spend a week in advance to learn the Hindi alphabet.

That takes the total number of days to go through this book to 57 days! The Hindi language is written in the Devanagari script.

Further, the Hindi alphabet has the same letters which almost all Indian languages have, including Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam Therefore, learning a new script may be necessary for some languages, but there will be no problem regarding pronunciation.

Learning a new language involves a lot of writing practice. So i understand Hindi is very important one for me. What are the things i want to follow to improve myself in Hindi…..

Learn Hindi Through English

I am from Sri Lanka. I think this is the best and easiest way to learn hindi via online. I want to learn hindi as soon as possible,mail me, if possible any idea or chat in gtalk. If you seriously want to pursue learning Hindi, then I would recommend you to download out android app.

The link to it you can find it in top navigation menu.

I neither know to read nor to write Hindi.. But I just want to speak hindi fluently… Please help me…. This is a wonderful site. I find it really useful. I want to speak in hindi which will help me in future and i should learn spoken hindi as fast as possible.

Myself interested to know Basic Grammar part which every Hindi speaking person need to know ;followed by guidance for speaking Hindi fluently without hesitation.

I wanna learn and speaking hindi fluently.. I wanna learn Hindi.

I know to write,read but I dont know to speak. I know the meaning of simple words but when I watch a hindi movie I cant understand what they speak. Plz i wanna learn hindi. Will u help me.

Learn Hindi in 30 Days Through English

I am really damn interested to learn and speak in hindi. I love to learn hindi and I love speaking hindi too! I know the letters in hindi and I also know to read it. I know the simple words and to self-introduce me in hindi. Hii, i want to learn Hindi, i dont no how to pronounce or to make the sentence, whenever some people are talking i will listen and i can understand, for this where i have to start the lesson , please help me.

Hello, this weekend is nice designed for me, because this occasion i am reading this great educational paragraph here at my residence. I wanna learn hindi…. I want learning hindi. Good I appreciate your interest, every Indian should know Hindi. I am very interested to learn hindi. I five years of experience in doing it. I am good in that too. Your email address will not be published.

Learn Hindi Alphabet. Hindi Lessons Your introduction in Hindi. Hi Gayathri, The links given in the top menu will guide you to different sections.

Hi vinupriya Welcome to mindurhindi. If you have any doubt, feel free to leave a comment. I know to read and write hindi. I dont know to speak out. Can you help me?

I know to read n write hindi but i dont know how to speak. Please help me on this.

See a Problem?

Regards Akshay. Hi Pandiyarj, Start learning Alphabets first.

It is so easy to practice. I would like to Speak Hindi -The beautiest language in the world.

So please help me. I want to learn and speak hindi fluently. I want to learn and speak Hindi fluently. I love Hindi language very much.


I would appreciate if you teach me Hindi on my email Id. Hi Swathi you can subscribe to daily Hindi lessons. Once subscribed, they will reach to your email id. I Want to learn english, can u teach me, i will teach u hindi, my whatsup no is Hi Vishnu, Welcome to Mindurhindi. Once i learnt hindi,but now i want to learn our national language once again. Pl help. Hi Sravani, Start taking lesson on this website. I need to learn Hindi… I need your kind help….

Spend 10 minutes daily on this website. Hi Pramila, You can join the the daily email subscription daily to receive lessons directly at your Inbox. Dhanyavaal jee. Hi Rajalakshmi Please subscribe to the mailing list to receive daily lessons at your inbox. Hello sir…… I wana speak hindi fluently pl help me……. I want to speak Hindi… pl send any grammar sentences daily. I learn hindi and english plz send hindi and english sentence for me.

Hi Linda, There are links of Hindi Alphabets, lessons, grammar , basic words and phrases at the top of the page. Hi Sugee Your Hindi is good.

Top websites and apps to learn and speak Hindi online - The Tech Bulletin.Zis aspirated. Telugu Songs??

I love very much everything related to India and I want these lessons if possible. Learn Hindi through Tamil in Just 30 minutes Learn??

Bengali Songs?? Welcome to Mindurhindi.

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