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CSAT- Logical Reasoning _ Analytical Ability[volwarmdilanmi.gq]. pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Logical Reasoning PDF by RS Aggarwal Latest Edition Section- I General Mental Ability Analogy; Analytical reasoning; Classification; Construction of secures and triangles; Completion of incomplete pattern. download CSAT Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability by Dr M B Lal and Ashok Gupta PDF Online. ISBN from Upkar Prakashan. Download Free.

Statement—The book which I read yester- ing questions a statement is given and it is day. Statement—Smokers are affected by cancer. B The book which I read yesterday. Statement—Soldiers serve their country. A John has much influence. Which of the given four person conclusions is true? D Poor persons have no influence Conclusions— C The persons who have problems with Conclusions— their eye-sight should not watch T.

A Those who work hard always get success Conclusions— B Examination is closely related with hard A Many of the cancer patients are smokers work B Smoking may cause cancer C No one can get success without hard C Most of the smokers may be affected by work cancer D One who does hard work.

C and D. Conclusions— Find out the conclusion which is correctly derived A The other books which I read. Statement—Most of the students are talented. Statement—Using too much time in T. Statement—If a person is a rich.

If there is no B Only II conclusion follows. B Television intesifies the insecurity feeling 6. The people who endanger themselves are a You are a refined artist. The candidate is of criminal inclination required to deduce the conclusion based upon this Ignorant people are lucky.

Conclusions— Conclusions— I. Coward can never be a lucky.

Knowledge is unnecessary. It is clear that we have a indicates that U. D The living standard of a person in a country depends upon his employment. B The second alternative confirms the Give answer— statement that the scientist are the biggest A If only conclusion I follows. Statement—Fortune favours the brave. If the conclusion a is correct. A The population growth in India is still viewers that they should bear the happening very high.

C among its viewers But it is given in the statement. It prove your worth. Statement—Television assures its viewers enemy of mankind because they have that they may fall prey to some criminal invented deadly destructive weapons.

If a Exercise—2 country is developing. Statement—Ignorance is much delighted. A criminal activities in comparison to other Type II people In such type of questions. People cannot eat vegetables. These residents in these wards should likely to lead to diabetes.

Statements—Until your country achieves economic equality.

Statements—Our security investments carry I. Conclusions— 9. The investment advisor calculates the dates. Statements—Jade plant has thick leaves it requires little water I. Consumption of sugar should be Statements—Vegetables prices are soaring in the market. Vegetables are becoming a rare com- modity. All plants with thick leaves require little water. The price of the product must be Conclusions— reasonable. E If both I and II follows.

Social work. Even though your voice is not good. Statements—Today out of the world popula. The product must be good in quality. Consult your investment advisor hand in hand. Some people find this world quite bad. Sunita is an industrious person. Conclusions— 1. Statements—In case of outstanding candi- II. Statements—This world is neither good nor evil. Conclusions— II. Statements—Company X has marketed the I.

Economic equality leads to real political Conclusions— freedom and democracy. Statements—The government of country X avoided. Statement—All the organised persons find time for rest. Conclusions— 8. Sunita is an organised person. Statements—In diabetes. Social I. Jade plants may be grown in places himself. The excessive consumption of sugar is II.

Natural gifts need nurturing and care. Statements—Water supply in wards A and B to dissent. Committee for M. Political freedom and democracy go market risk. Some people find this world quite good. Our body needs sugar is to be carried out.

Social which refuse them personal liberty and the Work will have previous experience of right of dissent. People are indifferent to personal liberty Work will not have previous experience and right to dissent.

Conclusions— One should not invest in securities.

Conclusions— 4. Some of the students for M. People desire personal liberty and right The residents in these wards should Conclusions— economise on water on Friday. Sunita inspite of her very busy I. B It is obvious from the given statement that Mathematics and Science for them school Conclusions— leaving certificate examination.

N T Conclusions— II. For the conclusion II. A It is not advisable for avoiding II. Statements—Industrial revolution which first E If both conclusions I and II are true.

Mathematics will be admitted. R F taking these subjects. Statements—T L. H R in revolution. E In the given statement. The government of country X seems to Conclusions— be serious in attracting tourists. Conclusions— Directions— Q.

II follow. Statements—J P. B If only conclusion II is true 4. Disparity between rich and poor results II. Revolution overhauls society. Earlier students did not have the choice of continuing their education without I.

B The investment consultants are well acquinted with the market risks. Statements—From the next academic year. D In the given I Statement.

Statements—W V. Assuming that the 3. Students who are weak in Science and However in the context of deduced from the statement. A It is clear that conclusion I follows overhauls society.

K F while some will not. It shows that this system was not prevalent I. This shows that she is an II. It shows that some II. II is not follow. E The new system provides the students the II.


E Sunita has a very busy schedule. I follows. E With the given statement. In case of conclusion II. It means that revolution 7.

IAS Books For Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability – Prelims Paper 2 (CSAT)

II follows. B The cause of revolution cannot be does not follow. II also follows. E Clearly. Particular affirmative and the predicate. The questions on logic are to be solved as per the information given without any concern of the formal validity or truth From here. It comprises a subject. In solving the questions of syllogism. Subject is that which affirms or denies a have nothing in common and hence both subject fact.

It means an entire class of predicate solved with the help of Venn-diagrams. Actually it Example—All boys are students. Proposition—Any statement is termed as the Man Intelligent proposition. The predicate is the part of the proposition and predicate are distributed. The predicate is not interchangeable with. Propositions can be classified into four Example—Some girls are students.

Syllogism is an indispen-sable feature of all competitive examina. The proposition is a sentence that makes a statement and gives a relation between two terms. No teacher is intelligent. E-type Syllogism is actually a problem of mediate iii Statement—Some bats are crows. S Or Thus. Statements— I. In immediate inference. A-Type Or Conclusion—Some cats are dogs. E-type can be converted Some S are P into E-type. Suppose that the proposition is trying These rules are divided into four heads..

Rules for immediate inference—There are The Venn diagram. In case of two statements. S P Examples— i Statement—All dogs are cats. There A Conversion are four ways in which the relation could be B Obversion according to the four propositions. Particular Immediate and Mediate inference. Example—Some goats are not men.

Some girls are teacher. I-type can be converted into I-type Type—O but O-type proposition can not be converted.. Syllogism is concerned with three from any one of the two statements without taking terms.

Example— i Statement—No women a r e wise.

Examples— i Statement—All goats are In both the cases we observe that set 1. A-type is the part of Set A and Set B. Immediate 1. A possibility of Venn-diagram.

Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

We can understand by taking two sets in all possible ways. In the same way set 1. Similarly above rules.

But the important point is to proposition i. First to obverse and both the cases conclusions some P are S and then to converse. The circle representating S will be either C Contraposition—In contraposition. Conclusion—Some ball are non-black. The subject of the given diagrams should be drawn. E-type part of set B and also of set A. We can deduce this proposition in the light of A All positive sentences which begin with Venn-diagram representation. All men love their country S P i b Each of them was present there.

S P We can say on behalf of all possible combi- nations showing relationship between S and P no valid inference can be drawn. In this proposition. Set 1. Some A type propositions which do not begin proposition no immediate inference can be drawn.

This proposition give no clue whether the remaining S are there in P or not and from this 1. This proposition gives rise to many 3 possible representations of Venn-diagrams and iii hence most of the inferences drawn therefrom are invalid and doubtful. Some are not there b General Suharto is not a controversial c All that glitters is not gold. Some glittering objects are not gold C A negative sentence with a very definite B Negative propositions with words as exception is also of E-type.

Some women are not rich He is not a man who deserves for a b Everyone is not there. A All negative proposition beginning with No person was present words such as all. Some people are not jealous. Examples— Some men are masculine a All girls except Reena have failed. No honesty is left in this world. No man except David has failed. Some girls are not feminine b Students are not frequently ill-tempered. Some men are honest Examples— b Rarely is a rich man content.

Some furniture have not been sold b Is there any person who can deceive himself? C Positive proposition with beginning None can deceive himself.

Examples— Some students are not ill-tempered a Is there any honesty left in this world? Examples— Examples— a All women are not rich. Some rich are content No person is one who can escape from 4. Examples— D When an interrogative sentence is used to make an assertion. All boys are men. Some benches are stools. All cows are women. All men are boys. Some men are students. All stool are chairs. Some chairs are benches. Some students are men. Some men are women.

Statement I is an I-type proposition which C D distributes neither the subject nor the predicate. Statement is I is of A-type proposition and in Statements— A-type proposition only subject is distributed. These rules should be applied step by Conclusions— step to solve the questions on syllogism.

We can analyse that middle term chair is not distributed in anyone of Since. In the same way. Rule 1—The conclusion does not contain the middle term.

Rule 3—The middle term must be distributed Some students have not passed atleast once in the premises. There are certain rules to derive the valid II. We can find. Some men are cows. Solution—The term chair is common to both Example— the statements and hence it is the middle term. All the four figures A. All stools are benches. Boys Boys We can also explain this rule with the help of Boys Venn-diagram. No stool is a table.

All women are cows. Rule 4—If one premises is particular. No apple is banana. Some men are intelligent. Example— Example— Statements— Statements— I.

Some cups are bottles. No man is wise. Example— Conclusions— Statements— I. Some men are wise. Some cups are not glasses. We can also define this rule with the help of Venn-diagram. Conclusion III is the Therefore. Conclusions— By Venn-diagram. Some pencils are erasers.

In the same way Rule 5—If both the premises are particular. All intelligent are wise. All books are erasers. No bottle is glass. Venn diagram representation. Some books are pencils. All men are wise. Some erasers are books. No flower is apple. Rule 6—If both the premises are negative. Statements— Rule 7—If one of the premises is negative.

Though it can be concluded from above Books Pencils Erasers Erasers analysis that no valid conclusion can be drawn between stool and bench yet we can conclude that A B either some stools are benches or no stool is a table because both the conclusion pair a With the help of both the figures.

No flower is banana. Some bananas are apples. Some cups are glasses. No cup is glass. In above-mentioned diagram it is clear that all women are mothers.

In a complimentary pair. Some cups are white. Married As mentioned in above rule 7 if one of the premises is negative. But we can definitely conclude that From the above example. This situation can become more clear cups are not glass. All married are mothers. Mothers IV. Conclusion II individually true but a combination of both makes complies with the rule as term glass which is a complementary pair.

Some cups are books. Conclusion IV Violate rule because cup is Case of complimentary pair of conclu- distributed in conclusion but it is not distributed in sions—In drawing mediate inferences from the statement I. But for the validity of this rule they must not violate any of the other rules.

A B Conclusions— From the these two figures. Some women are not mothers. Some books are white. Venn-diagram is to be noted from the figures that either representation: Rule 8—If both the premises are affirmative.

Conclusions— From the above-mentioned graphical Venn- diagram representation. All women are married. This conclusion also violate rules given statements. From the given conclusions. All women are mothers.

No cup is white. All glasses are cups. In the same II. Statements— II. Some nets are forests. Some clouds are rocks.

Some dictionaries are files. Some papers are files. Statements— All rivers are ponds. Some fruits are trees. Give the answer— Conclusions— A if only conclusion I follows. Statements— Some huts are walls. All clouds are rains. Some stands are holes. Some rains are stones. Some nets are huts. Directions—In each question below are Some files are papers. All holes are folders. Some shirts are trousers. Some forests are huts.

Some jackets are shirts. You have to take the given two statements to be true even if they seem to be I. Statements— given conclusions logically and analytically Some stones are rocks. Some files are books. Some locks are pins.

Some leaves are plants. Some camels are horses. Some keys are holes. Some desks are tents. Statements— Type I Some books are dictionaries. Some ponds are desks. Statements— All knives are rats. Conclusions— Some horses are camels.

No key is lock. All rocks are clouds. Some ponds are tents. Some pins are forks. Some shawls are shirts. Some walls are nets. Read these II. All chairs are pens. Some rats are chairs.

Some rats are dogs. C if either conclusion I or II follows. Statements— D if neither conclusion I nor II follows. Some pens are knives. All tables are windows. Conclusions— I. Some trees are plants. Statements— Some folders are stands. Some stands are keys. All jackets are shawls.

Some trees are fruits. E if both conclusion I and II follow. Conclusions— All forks are keys. Some horses are rats. No lock is a pin. B if only conclusion II follows. Some rats are pens. Some dogs are horses. Conclusions— Some trousers are jackets. Conclusions— Some plants are trees. Some tents are rivers. All bangles are diamond. All papers are tablets. Some tablets are pens.

Some houses are towers. Some paints are pots. Some huts are buildings. All goats are flowers. Conclusions— All bangles are rings. Some trees are boxes. Some pictures are books. Some fruits are leaves. Conclusions— Some chairs are pictures. Some bangles are paints. No pot is a card.

All beads are rings. Some tapes are trunks. Some fruits are branches. All tables are pens. Some pictures are pencils. All beads are diamonds. Some ladders are chimneys. Some huts are houses. All rings are paints. Some roots are goats. Some desks are tapes. Some chimneys are novels. Some books are chairs.

Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers

Some bricks are trees. Some spokes are cars. All bangles are rings. Some branches are roots. Some rooms are tables. Statements— No desk is ladder. All buildings are houses. Conclusions— All rooms are buses. All branches are flowers. Some novels are desks. Some plastics are metals. Conclusions— Some trunks are halls. Some cards are plastics. Some dogs are trees. All pots are rings. Statements— All towers are huts.

All tables are papers. All cars are wheels. Some desks are trunks. Some buses are tables. All halls are desks.

Some pencils are books. Statements— All pens are papers. Conclusions— No flower is branch. All boxes are bricks. All bricks are dogs. Statements— All rings are diamonds.

Some leaves are branches. Some spokes are wheels. No root is goat. Conclusions— Some chairs are spokes. No novel is chimney. Some pots are cards. Statements— Some flowers are fruits. Statements— All metals are pots. No wheel is chair. Keys Answers with Explanation Or II. Some parcels are boxes. Some phones are computers. All tables are trains. Conclusions— All trains are buses. All rooms are trees. All rains are stars. Statements— Some doors are building. C Keys Some envelopes are packets.

All pens are rods. Jackets Statements— Some trees are chairs. All spoons are bowls. Statements— Some toys are desks. Some glasses are plates. Some bowls are glasses. Some computers are calculators. All trains are tables. Statements— Shawls All stars are clouds. Some computers are machines. Some rods are toys. Statements— All clouds are rains. Shirts Trousers Jackets Statements— Some tables are huts.

All clouds are stones. Statements— 1. Some bangles are tables. No hut is ring. Statements— All windows are doors. Some machines are computers. No bangle is table. All trees are poles. Conclusions— 2. All chairs are tables. Some pens are toys. Some poles are chairs. D Shawls I. Some cages are doors. All rains are stones.

All buildings are cages. Or All rings are bangles. Forks All boxes are parcels. Conclusions— Shirts Trousers I. Pins Lock Conclusions— I. Some parcels are packets.

Some buildings are windows. Some glasses are spoons. Lock Pins Forks Some desks are pens. Some calculators are phones. Some plates are bowls. Statements— Some chairs are rooms. All tables are buses. Some packets are boxes. B Rats Dogs Horses Camels 8. E Rains Clouds Branches E Dogs C Pots Both follow. Rings C Novels Desks Ladders Chimneys. Chairs A Buses Trains Tables None follows. E Diamonds Both follows. E Poles Parcels Trees A Doors Cages You have to take the given statements E None of these to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts.

Statements— E All follow All flowers are fruits. Statements— Some blades are erasers. Some umbrellas are raincoats. Some sharpners are keys. Read all the conclusions Some leopards are lions. No elephant is lion. All stems are either branches or fruits.

Conclusions— No flower is fruit. Some televisions are machines. Some raincoats are caps. Some caps are umbrellas. All leaves are either stems or fruits. Some leaves are stems. All proteins are vitamins. All keys are blades. All raincoats are jackets. Some vitamins are fruits.

E None follows All staplers are blades. Some trousers are umbrellas. All tigers are leopards. Some wolves are lions. No machine is fan. Conclusions— All trousers are jackets. Some juices are proteins. Some erasers are keys.

Some juices are vitamins. Some erasers are sharpners. Conclusions— Some leopards are wolves. Statements— No fruit is juice. All lions are tigers. Statements— and then decide which of the given conclusions Some fans are coolers.

Some machines are fans. Download PDF for Free. Thank you so much for posting this without any registration or payment conditions. I wanted to read this book but could not afford it. To see such generosity and helpfulness on Internet is what revitalises my belief repeatedly that The Internet, despite all its problem, has very good reasons to exist forever.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content.C among its viewers Examples— Examples— a All women are not rich. Statements—Our security investments carry I. A husband is always ……… than his wife.

Statement and Assumptions……………………………………………….. Rule 3—The middle term must be distributed Some students have not passed atleast once in the premises.

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