The Book of Shadows is primarily a witch's diary. It is where This is Witchipedia's online Book of Shadows serving as a reference for all of our visitors . You are. We welcome new submissions for the Internet Book of Shadows from the Neopagan community. Please write us if you have new material you want to contribute. This is the online version of My personal Book of Shadows. I will give credit where it is due, but most of this will be my own opinions and views on my Religio. .

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A book of shadows is your personal witchcraft book, not an ancient book of spells . Welcome to our Dark BoS. Here you will find a dark version of our BoS, but BE WARNED THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN and be warned that when doing. Apr 23, Explore Lauren Tabor's board "Online Book of Shadows" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Witchcraft, Book of shadows and Bruges.

As you build your practice, you can start recording the information you use the most in your Book of Shadows.

Book of Shadows

You can also read aloud from it during rituals, rather than trying to memorize everything all at once. But how do you make a Book of Shadows?

Some people like to have a fancy journal with an embossed cover and a lock, while others are happy to decorate a plain black notebook. It's even possible to download a dedicated blank Book of Shadows online.

These days, some Wiccans choose to keep their Book of Shadows on an electronic device, and, as mentioned above, some even publish theirs online. For example, you might want to write down a particular incantation or new ritual sequence on separate paper first and try it out before committing it to your Book of Shadows.

You could use it to record spells you've done and how they worked out , or may just spells you'd like to try some day. Recipes, Sabbat celebration ideas, poetry, dreams, Pagan history, God and Goddess information, and the list goes on. If you decide later on that you've added things you don't need or want, just take them out.

Your book should be an actively evolving project, not something set in stone. If you're still looking for some spells from a real Book of Shadows , I have shared a few of my own. Don't be shocked to find they are just the same as any of the other spells here on the site.

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Aside from the Book of Shadows, there are many other witch supplies that you may want to stock your altar with. Famous Books of Shadows If you are looking for ancient and "real" Books of Shadows, you are mostly out of luck.

Even well-known books like the infamous Necronomicon will be a disappointment when you learn more about it. But now we're just talking about other witchcraft books , which is another page entirely.

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Everything you need to know about keeping a Book of Shadows. Copyright free-witchcraft-spells. I type and print everything in this one and I use page protectors to protect the pages from candlewax and oil spillage. My third BOS is just a black notebook strictly for Tarot. Vargtorna 8 years ago from Melbourne, AU Thanks a lot for this, very helpful!

Ireno Alcala 9 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Great hub! Some misconceptions about witchcraft should be taken into consideration by readers, like me. I had always read--and assumed--that they were strickly for your spells and rituals, and while your own spells and rituals make it personal, journal entries and your special recipes make it that much better! Now that I am becoming interested in studying witchcraft once again I found this very helpful. But I've rambled.

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This was a very interesting and informing hub.Creating and maintaining a Book of Shadows is certainly not a requirement for practicing Wicca, but it can be an invaluable tool for a variety of reasons. The Book of Shadows is essentially a modern grimoire —a term used in the 19th century to describe texts covering various occult topics such as magical theory , descriptions of rituals , instruction in spellwork and divination systems, mystical philosophies, and other esoteric information.

When you look on the internet you will find so many different styles, sizes, shapes and types. We are fond of all animals and this is why you will. How do you start your Book of Shadows?

Q: What can be added to a Book of Shadows, it is only for spells? It's not set in concrete, but the most common term for a witch's book is a Book of Shadows. However, this next section deals with the sections that are almost universal for Wiccans and Witches.

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