Revolution - Love, Corruption, Ambition. Love. Corruption. Ambition Chetan Bhagat RUPA PUBLICATIONS INDIA To my mother Revolutio. Revolution Home · Revolution Author: Chetan Bhagat. downloads Views 58MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF. 4§ • CHETAN BHAGAT. 'WhyBHUn said. "I want to do journalism part-time, I have contacts In newspapers. hereJ Raghav said. When people.

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Revolution is one of the best selling noels written by Chetan Bhagat, who is one of the great authors. Download the eBook from below download link. Download Free PDF of Revolution - Chetan Bhagat. Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent wanted to. Chetan Bhagat's Revolution A Novel on Love, Corruption and. Ambition. Talluri Mathew Bhaskar. Lecturer in English, A.P.R.J. College. Chetan Bhagat is.

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Money givers threaten Gopal to pay their money. Gopal meets Sunil who is the manager of sunshine events. One day, when both are taking their tea in a coffee shop, two muscular arm men come near to Gopal and ask their money. But Gopal replies that he has no money.

At the time Sunil introduces himself to them that he is close to MLA Shuklaji and Sunil gives responsible for his money. Gopal has only one house and a disputes land which is an agricultural land and ten kilometers outside of the city. Sunil owes to Gopal that his case will be come to an end soon and Gopal can sell his land. But it is agricultural land.

People can only grow crop there and it is a law. Another day Sunil, Gopal and Mr. Girishbedi, who is an experienced education consultant, go to meet MLA Shukla — ji with the full property documents. Sunil explain about 30 acres which is out of the city and Gopals dispute land case also.

Sunil gives an advice to Shukla- ji to build a new college. Shukla- ji makes a deal with Gopal that Shukla- ji will take 15 acres and remaining 15 acres for build a college.

But Gopal does not know that how to build a college because he has no money and educational experience. Shukla-ji says that he will provide money and Bedi will provide the experience.

Download Free PDF of Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat

I have no money Mr. Bedi will give the experience. So they signed in the papers. Ghanshyam mishra and Mr. Shukla — ji says that Gopal is the director of the college and college name is Ganga tech. If people want to commence educational institution in the agricultural land; they will get permission from the municipality for re — zoning that agriculture land — to — educational land. After that institute people will get permit for their plans from municipality, they can start construction. Shukla-ji brings a heavy plastic bag from inside of his bedroom,which have 10 lakhs, and he hands over to Gopal for getting permission from the VNN-Varanasi Nagar Nigam.

Gopal and Bedi go to Varanasi Nagar Nigam office for re-zoning the land. Sinha,deputy-corporator, greets Gopal and Bedi and they talk about Ganga tech. Everything means bribe also. Sinha asks Gopal that how much you would give. But Ten is too less.

I was bargaining with him as if was downloading a T-shirt.

Of course, the thought of the amount involved numbed me. Twelve and a half.

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Finally Sinha gets twelve and a half lakhs for Ganga tech construction. It is a grand corruption. Many government officials like Sinha do these kinds of illegal activities to earn money for their sophisticated life. These kinds of corruption are happening all over India, even though if people do not offer money, the government official will not put their sign and they will give irrelevance reason.

Every private college should get university affiliation.

Revolution 2020 By Chetan Bhagat

Before starting an institution, people, who run in the institution, should get the approval from the district collector the building plan. It will do inspection to ensure the institution have all the facilities for students such as Lab, Library, good infrastructure and enough teachers.

If these facilities are not satisfying tothe AICTE inspection group, they never give approval to start the college. Colleges will be recognised only when the inspection committee members are genuine and honest. But in India most of the institution have not all facilities for students even though AICTE gives approval to open colleges. There are many people doing that business in UGC and education ministry that how to get and give bribes?

University lecturers from government colleges are appointed as Inspectors. Of course, since it is such a lecturers have to Bribe to become one, Bedi said. Anyway, that is their business. We have to focus on ours[Rev- ]. Before two years central government cancelled 42 deemed universities, because these universities have not good facilities for the students. If a university wants to be elevated as a deemed university, it should have all the facilities for government approval.

If it has not good facilities, the government will not give approval. The approval for 42 universities is cancelled for not having good facilities then how did they get approval for deemed university?

The answer is bribe in all inspection. Even though this universities cancelled by central government, these are running now, because the government has cancelled these universities but not implement to close still.

Impact Factor JCC : 1. Nivas Chakkkaravarthy Gopal has run around for three months to obtain the two dozen approvals for his institution construction.

Revolution 2020 By Chetan Bhagat

Gopal works hard for Ganga tech construction. Meanwhile Gopal and Bedi have selected the Dean Prof. He asks one lakhs and seventy thousand per month as his salary.

He suggests that give half of the salary through hidden way because it will be reduce his income tax. Black money refers to money that is not fully legitimate property of the owner. Most of his works inspire movie makers to cinematize the plot.

His books strike a chord with the youth. Bhagat is a pass out of prestigious institutes of the nation-IIM and IIT, which is what, makes him even more appealing to the generation next.

The book revolves around struggles of a protagonist actually antagonist Gopal and how he gives in to the condemnable system. The plot, set against the backdrop of small town Varanasi, paints the aspirations and scrambles of Gopals life. Gopal is ambitious about earning money. He wishes to be rich but doesnt know right path.

Gopal falls in love with Aarti and the only thing he dreams of is becoming her lover.


His career goals go for a toss, if his friendship with her is not going well. She however is in love with Raghav. Raghav has a dream for his country and courage to chase his dream.

He is passionate about the values that he upholds. Raghav aspires to be journalist who does meaningful journalism for his citys welfare. Aarti and Gopal have been childhoeep but platonic relationship. As teenagers, Gopal pushes Aarti for more, but she later reveals that she was not ready for anything. Gopal moves to another city Kota , to join reputed coaching classes to help with his ranking. Raghav becomes a celebrity in the town after he passes the Indian Institute of Technology entrance exam.

Aarti falls for Raghav during Gopal's absence. Aarti and Gopal chat online, and Aarti reveals her relationship to Gopal, who is heartbroken. His father dies shortly after.

Raghav decides to become a journalist and pursue a career in a newspaper publishing house. Meanwhile, Gopal is contacted by a politician who wishes to build an engineering college on the highly valuable land that Gopal's family owns.

Gopal agrees to the deal, and joins the system of corruption in India in order to build the college with the politician's black money.Each paying one lakh a year. It is not for advertisement; politicians are giving ads not for proud, they give only that newspaper does not publish their corruption. She looked at me asif 1. MaybeBSc Home Science is better, no? Having a good time, Gopal said and raised his glass in the air.

What is the point if I dont enjoy it?

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