Cooling Tower. Fundamentals. Compiled from the knowledge and experience of the entire SPX Cooling Technologies staff. Edited by. John C. Hensley. A manual to provide the basics of cooling towers, from the staff of the Marley Cooling Tower Hvac Water Chillers and Cooling Towers. Pages·· . Marley Cooling Tower Fundamentals - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online.

Marley Cooling Tower Fundamentals Pdf

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Cooling Tower. Fundamentals. Compiled from the knowledge and experience of the entire Marley staff. Edited by. John C. Hensley. SECOND EDITION. Hotels 25 - 30 Cooling Tower Fundamentals. Daniel Pineda. Cooling Tower Fundamentals Cooling Tower Fundamentals Compiled from the knowledge and. In the foreword of Cooling Tower Fundamentals (published by Marley Cooling Although this first paper touches briefly upon the theory of cooling tower.

In a short summary, a cooling tower cools down water that gets over heated by industrial equipment and processes. The hot water is usually caused by air conditioning condensers or other industrial processes.

That water is pumped through pipes directly into the cooling tower. The water is exposed to air as it flows throughout the cooling tower. When the air and water come together, a small volume of water evaporates, creating an action of cooling.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals

It repeats the loop over and over again to constantly cool down the heated equipment or condensers. What is Evaporative Cooling? Evaporative cooling is the process where warm water from an industrial process is pumped up to the top of the cooling tower where the water distribution system is.

The water then gets distributed by cooling tower nozzles to the wet deck. At the same time, air is being drawn through the air-inlet louvers forcing water to evaporate. BAC s high quality mechanical water level control assembly is standard with all units, and has been specially designed to provide the most reliable operation while being easy to maintain.

This accessory is omitted for remote sump applications. The EWLC option replaces the standard mechanical make-up valve, and includes a slow closing, solenoid activated valve in the make-up water line to minimize water hammer.

EWLC is recommended when more precise water level control is required and in areas that experience subfreezing conditions.

Cooling Tower Fan - Balance Tolerance | AMP Maintenance Forums

This option facilitates horizontal piping below the basin, and is a compact alternative to using an elbow in the piping arrangement, saving on both installation time and cost. See the Connection Guide on page J for more information on standard and optional unit connection types.

A piping system is provided in the cold water basin to connect to side stream filtration equipment provided by others. For more information on filtration systems, consult the Filtration Guide found on page J Level alarms can alert operators to an abnormal operating condition to ensure the highest system efficiency with minimal water usage.

NOTE: All VT0 Models are provided with filter connections only since the turbulence in the cold water basin keeps particles in suspension. Factory-installed electric immersion heaters, which maintain 40 F 4.

If measures are not put in place to ensure balanced basin water levels, a potential exists that one basin may overflow and dump water, while the water level in another tower goes low and requires make-up. This leads to unnecessary water waste.

Use of an equalizer allows for easy isolation of a cell for winter operation, maintenance, or inspection while continuing system operation. See Cooling Towers in Parallel on page J for more information.

The greater spacing between fill sheets allows for debris to pass through the fill section without clogging the heat transfer section.

Steel fill also allows for pressure cleaning, as necessary. Shipping and Rigging BAC units are factory-assembled to ensure uniform quality with minimum field assembly. Each unit has been designed with rigging and assembly in mind and includes features to minimize the number of tools required and installation time. Although these units ship disassembled, materials of construction and design features are exactly the same as those of a factory assembled unit.

Knockdown units are available for jobs where access to the cooling tower location is limited by elevators, doorways, or similar obstacles, where lifting methods impose very strict weight limits, or where the shipping cost of a fully assembled tower is excessive. The panel opposite the air intake, called the blankoff panel, is inherently quiet. Positioning the blankoff panel towards the sound sensitive direction insulates sensitive areas from higher sound levels.

Consult your local BAC Representative regarding available options. Air Intake Options In a cooling tower, airborne debris can be entrained in the water through the unit s air intake.

The Series V has several options for air intake accessories that prevent debris from entering the system and maintain even unobstructed air flow through the unit. Reducing the amount of debris that enters the tower lowers maintenance requirements and helps to maintain thermal efficiency. Tapered hoods can be used to elevate the unit discharge above adjacent walls.

A larger fan motor may be necessary when this option is provided.

Access Options BAC s evaporative equipment is designed to be the most easily maintained for sustaining capacity over a longer life. All access options are OSHA compliant to ensure personnel safety and code compliance. Galvanized steel eliminators provide a safe walking surface on top of the unit.

Handrails, ladders, safety gates, and safety cages can be added at the time of order or as an aftermarket item. Nominal tons of cooling represents the capability to cool 3 USGPM of water from a 95 F entering water temperature to an 85 F leaving water temperature at a 78 F entering wet-bulb temperature.

How Cooling Towers Work (W/ Diagram, Pictures & Principles) 2018

Fan horsepower is at 0 external static pressure. Operating weight is based on the water level in cold water basin at overflow height.

Unless otherwise indicated, all connections 4 and smaller are MPT and connections 6 and larger are beveled for welding.The CDC recommends aggressive disinfection measures for cleaning and maintaining devices known to transmit Legionella, but does not recommend regularly-scheduled microbiologic assays for the bacteria.

Cycling of Motors. However, the process of evaporation that occurs in a cooling tower makes the solution an easy one.

Blowout See Windage. This configuration allows the reserve capacity of a standby motor in the event of failure. Unit s casing section is the heaviest section.

Marley Cooling Tower Fundamentals

And, the need for water conservation does not limit itself only to arid regions. Although the various types of lls, and their congurations, will be discussed in Section II, the basic purpose and action of a splash-type ll is depicted in Figure Standard Air Air having a density of 0. There are two types of fills that may be used: Film type fill causes water to spread into a thin film Splash type fill breaks up falling stream of water and interrupts its vertical progress Full-Flow Filtration — Full-flow filtration continuously strains particulates out of the entire system flow.

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