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On its own, assumes the obligation of helping the poor countries ANS e U. Has spent trillions of dollars on aid 3. The author has mentioned Ghana as a country with. The cases of malaria in Africa are mainly due to A High temperature B Climatic conditions conducive for breeding C Malaria carriers liking for human blood in preference to that of cattle.

The purpose of the author in writing this passage seems to a Criticize USA for not providing adequate financial help b Make Africans realize their own problems c Analyze the actual quantum of aid against the perceived one d Highlight how American leaders are power-hungry e None of these ANS 6. The author has given the example of Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan in support of his argument that a Corruption is the major culprit in the way of prosperity b Mis-governance hampers the prosperity of nations c Despite rampant corruption, nations may prosper ANS d Developed nations arrogantly neglect underdeveloped countries e None of these 7.

The remark of former U. Secretary of the Treasury, Paul ONeil, is according to the author.. S and d A ruthless remark by an arrogant bureaucrat e None of these 8. The passage seems to emphasize that the outside world has a Correct understanding about the reasonable aid provided by the USA to the poor countries b Definite information about what is happening in underdeveloped countries c Stopped extending any financial aid to underdeveloped countries d Misconceptions about the aid given to the poor nations by developed countries e None of these ANS 9.

According to the Westerners the solution to eradicate poverty of African nations lies in.

Obligation a Lip sympathy b True empathy c Self pity d Conditional responsibility e Moral binding ANS Directions : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it.

The error if any, will be in one part of the sentence.

SBI PO Exam 2014 : Marketing Study Materials and Online Tests

The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error; the answer is e i. No Error. Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.

A It is a general term used to describe over individual diseases. B The abnormal cells grow with-out any control, invade through normal tissue barriers and reproduce indefinitely. C The word cancer comes from Latin, meaning a crab.

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D These characteristics include development within any tissue of a malignant growth. E A tumor was called cancer because of swollen veins around the area resembling a crabs limb. F These diseases progress differently over a period of time and share certain characteristics. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers a , b , c , d and e. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningfully complete.

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Liberalization has removed all the legalities. Floodgates to multinational companies. Closed e Battles. Threw On some of the towns has created.. Among the residents of the other part of the country.

Ambition b Raid. Satisfaction e Shower. Dampness Action ANS b According. Thoughts c Bowing Present d Proving. Forecasting e Pointing.. Devotion Has yielded him the. Unwanted ANS c Action. Viable d Perseverance Desired e Emphasis. Expected His Contribute to the Tsunami relief fund was. By his staff members.

Pick out the sentence s that most appropriately convey s the meaning of the statement The number of that sentence or combination of sentences is the answer. I could not observe his unwillingness while donating to charity. A I observed his willingness to donate to charity. B I failed to detect his reluctance, if there was any, while he was donating to charity.

If you hesitate to participate freely and vigorously, your performance will be adversely affected. A Participate freely and vigorously if you desire to demonstrate your full performance.

B Do not participate with reservations if you want your participation to be affected adversely. C Your free and vigorous participation is most likely to affect your performance adversely. Who do you think will be able to handle the work effectively? A In your opinion, there is none who can handle the work effectively.

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In this case, try to maximize your marks in these two sections, and try to clear the cutoff, somehow, in the other two sections. I have been quite decent in General Awareness since I was a little kid. So, it was inculcated in me since the very beginning, and it grew as an interest later in my school days.

I needed to get as marks as I could in GA, so that I get a clear edge over other candidates.

Also, it requires very less effort to prepare this. Yes, I just read, a lot, from multiple sources. Well, yes, some people like to make notes, so that it can be helpful while revision, but this is a very personal thing. I, for myself has never made any sort of notes for GA, or for any other section for that matter. And the most important thing: Current Affair should be prepared for the last days from the day of the exam.

The simple reason is, if your read the same thing, from different sources, in a different way, that information gets embedded in your brain.

Coming to the newspaper part, this is the most articulate, to the point and informative source one can find.

Now, which newspaper to choose? The other can be read if you have some spare time. Read the primary newspaper from cover to cover, and just the Editorial page of the secondary newspaper. Banking Awareness There are people who worry a lot about this part, but this, in reality, is easy to prepare. There is no need to download any book. This will be more than enough. If you want to revise, you can go through any of the capsules on Banking Awareness from the website of your preference.

Static GK Well, this part has the least cost-benefit ratio, as everything under the sun can be asked. But still, one should prepare it.Obligation a Lip sympathy b True empathy c Self pity d Conditional responsibility e Moral binding ANS Directions : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. Citizens even know f statements like the Monterrey Consensus, But no one should underestimate the salience that it has around the world.

Data Interpretation and manipulation questions from Charts, Graphs and Diagrams including Line charts, pie charts, bar charts and tabular data. During the past decade I witnessed how relatively well-governed countries in Africa, such as Ghana, Malawi, Mail and Senegal, failed to prosper, whereas societies in Asia perceived to have extensive corruption, such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan, enjoyed rapid economic growth What is the explanation?

The following sections are considered important: There is no need to download any book. The outside world has pat answers concerning extremely impoverished countries, especially those in Africa.

Still, even as extreme poverty ends, we must not fuel prosperity with a lack of 49 for industrial pollution and the 50 burning of fossil fuels.

A It is a general term used to describe over individual diseases. Taking out the parts for U.

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